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Why Kindarma Wants to Support

"This is a calling for me. My purpose, part of my journey – it makes me feel good and gives me a sense of fulfillment".


“Kindarma makes me feel like I have a much bugger role in this universe than I thought – that I am a necessary part of something much, much bigger”.


“I feel honored that people trust me and that I’m a safe space to come to and share their vulnerability. I know myself how difficult it is to reach out and get help, having been through it myself”.


How You Can Help With Kindarma

When we see someone hurting, our natural instinct is to help. To reach out and let them know they are not alone, to lift them up. This feeling is intensified when we know someone is going through something we ourselves have experienced. Reaching out to help others is a clear sign you are on your way to healing yourself.

Even though people often retreat into themselves when facing challenges, deep down we all wish for someone to talk to. Someone who would get it, understand and not judge our circumstance. In the middle of our chaos wouldn’t it be wonderful to feel connected to someone. We know people are looking for someone they can trust, who can give them hope and keep their discussion confidential.

It’s an expression of our soul – our hearts come alive. Not because another is suffering but because we know they can heal – because we have.

If you are someone people trust and feel comfortable opening up to, then Kindarma maybe for you. If you know it’s not advice people are looking for, but someone to listen and give them confidence they need to take the next steps, then we’d love for you to join our community.

Why Kindarma Wants To Help


After many personal challenges in our lives, we know there are so many different ways to find answers to our problems and a path of clarity. There are Therapists, Counselors, books, Google, Courses, Retreats and many more. These resources can take time – we wanted to create something that although not a helpline or immediate, would not take weeks to get answers from. What was missing, we felt, was the ability to talk to someone who has gone through something like you have within a short time frame.

We also know the amount of wisdom and life experience many people have, who would like to share it with others, but again, they don’t know how. So, we created Kindarma, an online platform where those who want to help, can create a profile of their experience and talk online to those who are looking for support. You are welcome to call or video chat as well.

In seeking to understand ourselves the journey is so personal, it takes vulnerability and trust to reach out and speak to someone. Who better than to talk to someone who has gone through it themselves?

What Kindarma Is Not

Kindarma is not a professional therapy site. We do not offer mental help services, such as therapists, psychologists, counselors etc. We do not deal with disorders or illnesses. We are not a help line. People may email you wanting to connect and with questions. It is up to you if you would like to talk to them. You are not obliged to do so. If it feels that they need more support than you can give, recommend they contact a support service such as Lifeline or the Suicide Line at 988 or 1-800-273-8255. This is made clear throughout our site and as part of the Terms and Conditions of using Kindarma.

Becoming A Darma With Kindarma

Sign up and create a Profile. Next, create a listing under the category of life experience that suits you best.

Grief and Loss
Tell your story with as much detail as you are comfortable sharing. Many people come to our site just to read the stories. Many never reach out, and your story alone will help them understand they are not the only person who has gone through it. You will have a private, confidential email account through Kindarma that is not linked to any personal information of yours. The only way people can contact you will be through the Kindarma website. You can keep your conversation on our platform, or if you feel you want to, have a phone conversation. Kindarma is about connection – bringing people together.

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