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How We Help

There’s many ways to tackle personal challenges. We often seek out a range of sources, from books to Google, to doctors and therapists. We may also turn to family and friends for support, although this can sometimes result in us feeling judged or not understood.

Whatever the issue we are facing, it can impact all areas of our lives. From our health and relationships, to our work and even belief systems. Figuring out where to turn for help is a challenge. It takes time and effort, as well as resources we may not have available.

What if you could connect with someone who had already been through something similar? Someone who had already overcome many of the things you are going through now? People who could help you feel normal, understood and not alone. Who could instill a confidence that you already have many of the answers inside yourself. Hope that there is a way forward.

Although many of us feel very alone in our struggles, there are people who have overcome the things you are going through now……and they want to help. The insights and lessons they have to share with you are the things they wished they had received. They can offer solutions they used themselves to overcome the same experiences. Now they can help you.

What People are Saying about Kindarma


“My family & friends did not understand – how could they? They had no idea what I was going through. Talking with someone who had been through it gave me confidence in what I already know about myself and my abilities. My strength was already there, but it helped when others saw it. I felt a connection that only comes from someone who has lived through a similar experience like this.”


“I wanted to know that it was going to get better – I was looking for some hope and that I wasn’t alone in my pain. When I listened to Michelle tell her story, I understood that my pain was normal, that I’m not crazy and some people have it much worse than I did.”


“It took me so long to say it out loud. Speaking with someone who had gone through abuse helped me get to the next step. I was too exhausted to look for a therapist and even though my family supported me they didn’t understand. Kindarma helped me get to ok, it wasn’t such a big commitment – it was just a conversation – but it helped me know I was still a good person.”

With Our Support You can Overcome Anything.

Connect with someone who has first hand experience with your life challenge.

Featured Kindarma Story, by Chelle

Losing my daughter’s daddy when she was four was hard enough. The dreams we had for the future were gone and raising her without the love and support of her father left me heartbroken for her. Losing him to suicide made it even worse.

So often our society pushes mental health issues into the dark. If you are depressed or anxious you are less of a person. People say “committed suicide” as if you were completely healthy and wanted to die. What they don’t understand is that 90% of the people that die by suicide have mental health issues. They don’t want to die any more than any of us. They just want to be healed and stop the pain and sadness.

Having to deal with a society that looks at us with shame and pity because we lost my daughter’s daddy to suicide is a rocky road, but we can navigate the hurdles and come out of the darkness. We can hopefully enlighten others on our way. If you have lost someone to suicide I have found that talking with others that have experienced your pain, your questions, even your feelings of guilt will help.

Come out of the darkness as we have, you will find you are not alone


Research tells us that talking with a person who has been there and is able to tell the tale of their own recovery, offers real hope to individuals who may not have any at that particular point in their life.

Knowing there are others facing similar concerns, frustrations and challenges can be highly re-assuring whilst creating a sense of belonging for those facing personal challenges.  We gain a sense of relief from knowing that others share similar experiences and challenges.

When we feel uncertain, alone and often ashamed of our situation connecting with someone who has gone though it helps in many of the ways below;

  • People feel less alone
  • Validated
  • Hopefulness & Inspiration
  • Reduced isolation
  • Greater social connection
  • Encouragement and understanding
  • Reduction of Stigma and Judgment
  • Connection with ‘like-minded’ people
  • A safe haven
  • Acceptance
  • Increased motivation
  • Learning
  • Friendship and Belonging

“They will understand you because although everyone had their own unique story, you have similar experiences that can create a bond that allows you to learn together, figure our how to change the way you do things and the way you think, as well as, how to move forward in your life”.

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