It’s just a sign.

When we recognize or admire a quality in others that you too, hold in your heart.

It may not be developed yet fully or it may just be a glimmer. A little sign of something you would like more of. Calmness, generosity, kindness, empathy or other qualities you admire.

We are so interconnected. When we see something in another that we love, we can grow it in ourselves. It is not a lacking. Not something we should be worried, ashamed or fearful of because we don’t have.

It’s just a crack of light, shining through someone else to show you. Reflect the light back to you. That you have it as well.

You must. Otherwise you would not recognize it. When you see it in others, both good and not so good, you recognize it because it lives in you as well.

Trust in your own self discovery that it will develop. Give it time. It’s only because you’ve been working on other things that this has not had your attention. And, if it’s something that you’re not so proud of, know that it is triggering you for awareness – Especially if it is triggering you !

When we are shown love, we can love. When kindness is displayed to us, we too can be kind. Sometimes we discover it in ourselves, by ourselves. But for most, we learn together, in relationships, friendships and life. Also, when a trait or behavior in another makes us angry or react, well, we know that it too probably is a quality we have.

Be kind to yourself for not knowing. Just know that it’s there.

Speak to one of the people on Kindarma. They have walked the path as well. They can help you see the things maybe you can’t right now.

About Shelley

Shelley Buchanan is the Co-Founder of Kindarma. She is passionate about educating and empowering others who are on their own journey towards finding connection, joy and healing in their lives. Kindarma was created to support those who are in need of support whilst on that journey.

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