Life can seem to spin out of control for many of us pretty quickly.

There’s so much noise, information, fear and voices, we often don’t know how to make sense of it.

One of the first things to ask ourselves is ‘what is in my control?’. 100% of the things outside of us are not within our control. 100% of the things inside of us are. Translating to our thoughts, actions, attitude and effort.

When the world is seemingly spinning, remember a few things. The first is to take care of you. So, breathe (deeply) it signals to our brain that we are ok. The exhale needs to be longer than the inhale. Think of the things you are grateful for and have an intention about how you wish to be – our character.

Character is about integrity, kindness and understanding. It can be thought of as the lasting impression you leave on people from the interactions you have with them. This, we can control. This makes what’s happening on the outside bearable.

Patience, kind words, calm, smiles, letting people into a line, reassurance – these are the qualities we all wish to be remembered for. These are the qualities we all want in return.We can’t control what’s happening in the outside world, but we can the world we live in.

Kind, thoughtful and caring. This we can control. Always.

At Kindarma you can always find someone to talk to. There is someone waiting at the end of your email to reassure you about whatever you maybe going through – or just to chat. That’s what we are here for.

About Shelley

Shelley Buchanan is the Co-Founder of Kindarma. She is passionate about educating and empowering others who are on their own journey towards finding connection, joy and healing in their lives. Kindarma was created to support those who are in need of support whilst on that journey.

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