Our natural state of mind is like a drunk monkey.

So, this drunk monkey has the ability to control how we think, our emotions and our focus.

A disciplined mind is rare and something that meditation and mindfulness train us to attain.

How? By bringing us back to the present moment. To stop the runaway train of worry and stress, imagination and story telling that our drunk monkey engages in.

The way we think is individual to us, no one else has any idea what it’s like to be in our mind. What is common though is the judgement and critique of ourselves and others.

We judge ourselves in believing we are not good enough and/or things aren’t going to work out… when the monkey is drunk.

When we pull back to the present moment we can observe these thoughts and watch what they do. Our thoughts precede our emotions, science tells us so. So what we think determines everything.

It’s not just a quote on an Instagram feed or a wall. This is why mindfulness has been around for 2,500 years. Awareness gives us the chance to unveil our own wisdom and insights.

You can’t buy it, get it from others or read it… we all have to do the work ourselves. And it lies within us. Solitude, reflection and a watchful eye – that’s when you’ll see how clever you really are!

Sober up that drunk monkey today…!!

About Shelley

Shelley Buchanan is the Co-Founder of Kindarma. She is passionate about educating and empowering others who are on their own journey towards finding connection, joy and healing in their lives. Kindarma was created to support those who are in need of support whilst on that journey.

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