From pandemic to protests, the last few months have been turbulent to say the least. We are all feeling unmoored and anxious – as individuals, nations and as a world. The anchors which have kept us secure have come unhinged. It has taken Covid -19 and the death of George Floyd to reveal the ways of living and working are not serving us equally. Not our earth, not our neighbors and not the human race.

This new sea is one of great intensity and many are feeling more isolated and alone than ever before. Any form of change will show us the places we struggle and also the places we shine. This is the time those areas in most need of healing are brought to the surface.

If you have support around you, then consider yourself one of the lucky ones. Many of us do not have someone they can lean on in times of anxiety and stress. Can you imagine? Not one person. Loneliness is also felt by many in crowded rooms, full of family and friends.

We can heal alone, but we heal so much better, together. As together we know we are not alone and we can receive the support to shift through our thoughts and begin to trust our inner world and ourselves.

We also underestimate the emotional isolation of others in comparison to our own. By reaching out and helping others, we can find even and stable ground again. Research always shows us, in the process of helping others we strengthen our own sense of purpose. By drawing on our own struggles, triumphs, strategies and perseverance we can guide, encourage and help others.

There are many ways to support our neighbors, colleagues and communities. A smile, a conversation and a listening ear are some of the most underrated and simple. And don’t forget about Kindarma. We are a community of supporters. People who are bearing witness – seeing, hearing and allowing others to feel visible. All through email or phone, in your home, while you walk, or sit in your car.

Together we can heal and together we can grow. If you have the strength to support others right now, or you don’t, either way join us at Kindarma.

Sending love today.



About Shelley

Shelley Buchanan is the Co-Founder of Kindarma. She is passionate about educating and empowering others who are on their own journey towards finding connection, joy and healing in their lives. Kindarma was created to support those who are in need of support whilst on that journey.

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