About Kindarma

Kindarma is a place for connection and hope. Where we can share stories, lessons and give support. Where we can find hope that if someone has made it to the other side, then we can as well. A place where we can contribute to the personal growth of each other through our wisdom learned.

We all have a story, an experience that has shaped who we are – very possibly more than one. These stories and challenges where once shared within a supportive community that was literally on our doorstep. Sadly, for many they are no longer so close. We now have to build different communities, in new ways.

Connecting with someone who really understands what we are going through has been life changing for me. It has the ability to fill our hearts and souls with compassion and healing. It is a shared knowing and compassion that is not available from anyone who has not lived through it.

Many of the traditional forms of support are just not in reach for many. Whether that is geographically or financially. The effort involved in finding the resources can be exhausting, so we leave it, when we need it most. Often it is ordinary life that we struggle to cope and deal with and to overcome to live a good life. Many of us don’t need a therapist, we just need someone who understands.

Kindarma is for everyone. If you wish to help others you can join us, and if you are looking for someone to listen and support you, this is your community.

Shelley Buchanan

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